Aktifoam Iodine
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Aktifoam Iodine
Brand Farmann
Product group
Problem Solver Mastitis - Somatic cell height

Pre-milking foaming teat dip

Dirty teats cause mastitis and contaminate milk. Aktifoam Iodine cleans the teats while softening and hydrating the udder skin as a preparation for milking.

Reasons why you should use Aktifoam Iodine:

The fact that cows lay on their udders on the ground is exposing teats to contamination. This contamination can cause mastitis as well as other infectious diseases. It has been scientifically proven that Aktifoam Iodine prevents this contamination before milking.

Aktifoam Iodine is used in dairy cattle to wash and clean the udder before each milking, as well as protecting the natural nourishment of the udder and teats, contributing to the renewal and softening of the skin. That also allows the cow to eject the milk more easily and prevent the udder from being damaged during milking.

What are the advantages of using Aktifoam Iodine?
Farmann’s pre-mliking teat dips clean the teats while softening and hydrating the udder thanks to skin care and moisturizing agents. (Glycerin, Lanolin, Provitamin B5 and other cleaning agents)

It ensures udder hygiene thanks to its high iodine content.

Aktifoam Iodine reaches every point in the teat thanks to its excellent wetting and covering. (the content of the surfactant and the formed foam contains very small bubbles ensuring excellent wetting and covering)

Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.