Ammonium Block
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Ammonium Block
Brand Farmann
Product group Beef Cattle
Problem Solver Salt and vitamin, mineral deficiency

Ammonium Block is formulated especially for beef cattle to supply the required levels of salt and minerals needed to increase their weight growth.

It contains sulphur and ammonium chloride that prevent secondary tympani and urolithiasis. Animals that consume Ammonium Block regularly will not ingest non-edible substances such as soil, stone, bone, plastic bags, clothes etc.

Feeding instructions
Allow one blocks for every, 5 beef cattle  or 20 sheep so that each animal can easily gain access to a block.

Optimize the Ammonium Block consumption by providing a permanent supply of water and by supplying just one type of blocks every time.

Usage: Self-service

Consumption: Renew the supply of Ammonium Block according to consumption requirements: 60 g a day per cattle, 5-10 g per sheep or goat

Consumption may be higher for a short time for animals with a nutritional deficiency but their intake will be stabilized quickly.

Composition: Sodium, Magnesium: 0,72 % Calcium, Ammonium Chloride, Manganese: 113 mg/kg, Cobalt: 150 mg/kg, Zinc: 230 mg/kg Iron: 1.000 mg/kg, Iodine: 35 mg/kg, etc. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.

3 and 5 kg cylindrical block with a central hole, plastic sleeve film and a handle
3 kg x 8 blocks in a cartoon box
5 kg x 4 blocks in a cartoon box 
10 kg cubic block with a central hole
10 kg x 2 blocks in a cartoon box


All blocks are placed on pallets and wrapped with a plastic film