B Komplex
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B Komplex
Brand Farmann
Product group Pigs
Problem Solver

Complementary feed consisting of Vitamin B complexes, Vitamin K, Betaine, Choline, Biotin and similar nutritional elements to aid and support metabolism while increasing productivity.

Purpose of use:

  • Protects general health and supports productivity
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Decreases the risk of fatty liver (disease)


  • During antibiotic treatment
  • For growth of offspring and increasing feed intake
  • When deformation occurs skin and hooves
  • When sudden deaths occur

Contents: For every liter,
Vitamins (B group: B1:2.500 mg, B2:4.000 mg, B6: 2.500 mg), Niacin, Vitamin K, Betaine, Choline Chloride, and other nutritional additives. For more information, please refer to the product label.

Usage and Dosage:
Poultry:  B Komplex, 1 l/ 3 tons of drinking water, for 1 week.
Subclinical Acidosis in cattle: 1 l/ 1 ton drinking water and use for 2 weeks
Swine: 1 l/ 2 tons

Nursing sows: add 1 l/ 5 tons of drinking water for 2 weeks

Packaging: 1 l, 5 l, and 20 l