CleanArt Surface Acid 133
Brand Farmann
Product group
Problem Solver

Phosphoric Acid based, highly concentrated long cling foam detergent. It easily removes lime-scales, proteins, minerals, water and salt residues from stainless surfaces and all equipment.

Usage Areas: Designed for cleaning especially stainless surfaces of milking systems and their equipment, ceramic surfaces. It should be used with care on the unknown surfaces, it could damage them.

Components and Technical Details:

  • Includes Phosphoric Acid < 40%
  • No Nitric Acid.
  • pH 1 – 2.

Important considerations before use: Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Wet and clean the rough dirt with hot water and soak the surface.

Usage instructions and Dosage: CleanArt Surface Acid 133 must be diluted in water (400-600 ml for 10 liters of water). For pressured machines usage rate must be less than 2-3%. Apply using a foaming machine and spray on the surfaces then wait 5 – 10 minutes. Use a sponge or a brush for manual applications and foam the surfaces to clean fat, dirt and residues. Using hot water is recommended to get the best results (water must be not hotter than 60°C)

Benefits of CleanArt Surface Acid 133 usage:

  • With its acidic formulation, it removes salt, lime-scale, oxide and mineral stains on stainless steel and ceramic surfaces and shine them.
  • Stable foam property: Provides better integration of the product with the dirty surface and longer contact time.
  • Stainless surface polisher: Provides a smooth surface, prevents dirt from settling in surfaces. Ideal for tile clad walls and floor cleaning.
  • High tolerance to water hardness: Thanks to the rich formula, iron, calcium and magnesium are bound, which enhances detergent efficiency and ensures the desired cleaning.

Material compatibility: It is used for chrome materials, stainless steel, PVC, PTFE, plastics, teflon and tiles, ceramic coated surfaces according to the technique. It can not be used on aluminum, enamel, marble and galvanized surfaces.

Storage, transport and security: Don’t use CleanArt Surface Acid 133 with incompatible substances (alkali based products for example). Keep it in the original container. Keep the container closed and in a clean, cool, and well ventilated place away from heat, flammable materials and intense light. Avoid residues of the product on the containers. Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Undiluted form is harmful for skin and eyes, use protective glass and mask.


Packaging configuration: 5, 20, 220, 1000 liters.


Shelf Life: 2 years from date of production.