Farmann Mineralfutter Lamm
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Farmann Mineralfutter Lamm
Brand Farmann
Product group Sheep, lambs and goats
Problem Solver

Formulated for lambs at the age of growth and development. It has a special Formula for Lambs and Rams which are fed intensively.

  • In order to increase fattening performance and immunity, it contains sulfur that enters in the structure of sulfuric amino acids as well as high level of vitamin E selenium and organic selenium.
  • It has been produced with the addition of yeast enhancing feed efficiency and developers of lambs’ rumens.
  • It contains the appetizing group B vitamins and especially a high level of vitamin B12 to support the growth.
  • Adding urine agonizing ammonium chloride while limiting the amount of phosphorus and magnesium in order to inhibit the formation of urinary stones which are commonly seen for lambs.
  • 10% of Sodium bicarbonate had been added to prevent the acidification of the rumen that might occur during the intensive feeding period.
  • It contains all antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which contribute to the development of muscle, bone and growth in a balanced way. It contributes to a healthy foot and wool and to gain resistance to diseases.


Composition per kg: Vitamin A: 1.000.000 IU, Vitamin D3: 200.000 IU, Vitamin E: 1.800 mg B complex vitamins all, D-Calcium pantothenate, Niacin, Biotin, High rate Zinc: 8.400 mg / kg, Iron, selenium, iodine, sulfur, ammonium chloride, saccharomyces live yeast 1,5 X10 above 9 CFU, etc. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.



It is advised to give the product to lambs from the 45th day until the end of fattening.

Lambs, from 45 days to 3 months :6-7g/ day/per head

Lambs from 3 months to the end of fattening: 8-12g gradual increase / day/per head

Yearling sheep: 15g/ day/ per head

Ram: 20-25g/ day/ per head

Or 1kg (1%) for 100kg compound feed.