Farmann No’Stress Powder
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Farmann No’Stress Powder
Brand Farmann
Product group Pigs
Problem Solver

Complementary feed consisting of Sodium, potassium, calcium, dextrose, B complex vitamins and vitamin C recommended to use under heavy heat stress

Purpose of use:

  • Heavy heat stress
  • Diarrhea, disease-related dehydration
  • Electrolyte supply
  • Reduced appetite due to dehydration
  • Deaths due to heat stress
  • Unknown causes of death

Electrolytes: (Calcium: 2,33%, Magnesium: 2% Potassium: 10,49%, Sodium and others), Dextrose: 35,5%, B complex Vitamins, Vitamin C and others. Please refer to the label for the whole composition.

Usage and dosage:
Can be used by mixing with the feed for all avian.
For protection purposes, during dehydration and weight loss during transportation: 1kg for 1 ton of feed, apply for 5-10 days.

Heavy dehydration: 5kg for 1 ton of feed, apply for 5-10 days.

Packaging: 5kg and 25kg