Farmann Respira Paste
Brand Farmann
Product group Calves , Sheep, lambs and goats
Problem Solver Breathing difficulty

Paste for respiratory comfort

Complimentary feed used to soothe the respiratory system and to secure airway of calves, yeanlings and other animals.

Farmann Respira contains aromatic compounds, menthol and vitamin C, which reduce the irritability in the respiratory tract, moisturize the mucus membrane, soothes respiration and maintains the health of the respiratory system. 

Composition of every syringe: Vitamin C: 1000 mg, Mint essential oil, menthol, eucalyptus, truffle, ginger essential oil, green shell powder, etc. Please refer to product label for the whole composition.

Usage instructions: Carefully administer the appropriate dose to the back of the tongue using the syringe.


Calves 20 ml 1 syringe,
Lambs and kids 2ml
Sheep, Goat 20 ml.
Cattle, camels and horses: 50 ml/day for a period of 3 days.
Proposed dosage can be divided into 2-3 or can be used at once.

Product life time: 18 months after manufacture date.         

Packaging: 20 ml syringe