Full Mineral + Zinc+ Yeast
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Full Mineral + Zinc+ Yeast
Brand Farmann
Product group Calves , Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Sheep, lambs and goats, Horses
Problem Solver Salt and vitamin, mineral deficiency

"In addition to other minerals Full Mineral+Zinc+Yeast contains a high zinc content".

Due to zinc deficiency, all livestock will have several symptoms such as growth retardation, decrease in fertility, deterioration of hoof structure, wool loss, skin lesions and bone diseases.

Full Mineral+Zinc+Yeast was formulated to provide animals with a high zinc content and other minerals.

Feeding instructions

Distribute one block for every 5 cattle, 20 sheep or goats so that each animal can easily gain access to a block.

Optimize the Full Mineral+Zinc+Yeast consumption by providing a permanent supply of water and by supplying just one type of blocks each time.

Usage: Self-service

Consumption: Renew the supply of Full Mineral+Zinc+Yeast according to consumption requirements: 80 g a day per cattle, 5-15 g per (sheep, goat, lamb, kid, Damascus goat, Saamen goat, Romanov sheep..)

Consumption may be higher for a short time for animals with a nutritional deficiency but their intake will be stabilized quickly.

Composition: Sodium, Magnesium: 1,05 %, Calcium, Cobalt: 200 mg/kg, Zinc: 10.000 mg/kg, Iron: 1.500 mg/kg, Selenium: 20 mg/kg, Iodine, Saccharomyes cerevisiae: 1,5x109 CFU, etc. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.


10 kg