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Brand Farmann
Product group Dairy Cattle, Sheep, lambs and goats
Problem Solver Milk Fever Post partum Problems

Drench with balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio to prevent lack of coordination and postpartum paralysis

Purpose of use: Animals lose calcium during pregnancy, this cause birth paralyses, disabilities and other diseases. Kalzio-Plus boosts calcium level to return back to normal with included quick and late absorbable calcium.

Magnesium and Vitamin D3; boosts calcium absorption and usage.

Usage and dosage:

Shake well before use. Put the product in the throat of the animal and make sure animals drink it with swallowing reflex from the original bottle.


  1. With the signs of pregnancy
  2. During giving birth
  3. 12 hours After birth 1 bottle or in necessary conditions 2 bottles (a bottle is 500 ml

For goats and lambs during indicated periods 50-100 ml.

Vitamin D3 50.000 IU/kg, Calcium Propionate, Calcium Chloride (total 11% of the amount of elemental calcium) glycerol 28%, Magnesium and others. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.

Including slow and fast absorbable calcium is effective in maintaining serum calcium levels.

Magnesium and Vitamin D3; help calcium absorption and usage.

It is only for animal use.

Make sure the animal stands before the administration of the product. Shake before use in its original bottle.

Don’t use it for animals longer than usual period and unnecessarily high dosage. Don’t give the product to animals with no swallowing reflex.

Keep in room temperature. Do not freeze

Packaging: 500 ml, 5 l, 20 l.