Brand Farmann
Product group Poultry
Problem Solver

Complementary feed with natural essential oils for respiratory comfort

Mint, eucalyptus, anise oils and menthol have been known for years to humidify and relieve the respiratory mucous membranes. Mintifix, which contains these natural oils intensively; combats all bacterial, viral infections and stress conditions.

Purpose of use:

  • To obtain a natural antibacterial effect
  • It has been scientifically proven that eucalyptus oil ensures the natural protection of the respiratory system epithelium and removes the excess of the mucus from the bronchi
  • Menthol has an anesthetic and relaxing effect
  • Mint and thyme oils have been added to Mintifix due to their respiratory comfort, appetizing, digestive regulation, degassing and acidity receptor effects
  • Application of aerosol spray has a disinfectant effect

Compatibility: Can be used with other antibacterial agents.
Incompatibility: Should not be used with live vaccines. Use two days before and two days after vaccination.
Indications: In the case of low appetite and bacterial infection.

Contents: Intensive aromatic compounds (Mint, Menthol, Eucalyptus, Anise essential oils) For more information, please refer to the label.

Usage and Dosage:
Mintifix is mixed with drinking water to protect respiratory system disorders.

Recommended dose for avian and pigs: 200ml for 1 ton of water. Use for 3-4 days.

With the purpose of spraying:  mix 200ml Mintifix with 10 Lt. water and use for 20.000 avian.