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Oregano Liquid
Brand Farmann
Product group Calves, Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Sheep, lambs and goats, Horses
Problem Solver

For many years, antibiotics have been used on animals as an appetizer and as protection against diseases. However, the use of antibiotics in feeds has been banned, as it has increased bacterial resistance and has left residues in animal foods. Following the ban of the use of antibiotics, attention has been turned to natural essential antibiotic-effective essential oils.
The most effective of these is oregano oil. 85% of the world’s Oregano oil production is made in Turkey. The only reason for this is that Oregano grown in the Aegean region contains high carvacrol and tymol active ingredients.

Bactericidal effect: Unfortunately, 90% of the studies made on Izmir’s oregano were preformed outside of Turkey. According to the results of scientific researches, even if taken at low doses (200 mg per day for humans), it’s very effective on bacteria. Essential oils obtained from Izmir Oregano show the bactericidal effect same as antibiotics, by breaking down the bacterial cell wall, opening the holes and leaking in the ions. Thus, bacterial ATP synthesis is inhibited and bacteria that don’t produce energy die.
Oregano essential oil has been shown to be effective against the following bacteria.

Staphylococcus aureus

Escherichia coli

Pasteurella multocida

Streptococcus feacalis

Streptococcus agalactiae

Vibrio coli

Corynebacterium pyogenes

Treponema hyodisaenteriae

Enterobacter aerogenes

Streptococcus uberis

Proteus rettgeri Salmonella spp.

Proteus vulgaris

Proteus mirabilis

Klebsiella pneumoniae

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Cryptosporidiae spp.

Streptococcus pyogenes anim.

C Erysipelothrix insidiosa

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Aspergilus spp. Mucor spp.

Eimeria spp. Candida spp.

Anti-oxidant effect: It’s known that Oregano essential oil neutralizes free radicals and shows antioxidant effect. (Effective on ROS reactive oxygen species)
Polyphenol, the active ingredient in Oregano oil, acts on free radicals and inhibits oxidation in intestinal cells. Excessive free radicals in stress conditions are restrained by the active ingredients of Oregano oil.
Antifungal effect: It has been proven that the active ingredients in Oregano oil are effective on fungi. This effect prevents fungi reproduction. Oregano essential oil has been reported to be effective on many coccidian species.
Positive effect on appetite: Oregano oil with its own unique scent, has a feed attracting and appetizing effect on animals.

Antiparasitic effect: Oregano’s essential oil doesn’t give parasites in the digestive system a chance to survive.
Anti-inflammatory effect: Studies have shown that Oregano essential oil has an inflammatory effect on humans.
Immune system supporting effect: Although its mechanics are not completely known, it has been found that the oregano essential oil supports the immunity system.

The main reported effects on birds

  • Digestive system regulator
  • Immune system strengthening effect
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Decreasing effect of ammonia production
  • Lower mortality
  • Protects from stress
  • Increases in egg yield
  • Increases the feed efficiency in broilers

Effect on Rumen functions: Numerous scientific studies have been carried out to show that Oregano essential oil affects the tripe activities positively and reduce the production of methane gas and it has been stated that it will have a positive effect on the environment by reducing methane. Oregano oil supports the rumen flora and maintains the optimum balance of acetic, nitric and propionic acid in the rumen. This effect increases the digestion capacity of the tripe. It’s known that Oregano oil affects fertility, meat and milk yield positively. It’s estimated that this positive effect is due to multiple effects including positive effects of rumen functions.

Can these effects be accomplished by feeding the animals Oregano?
Recently, negative comments have been made by experts without scientific knowledge about essential oils. The most important of these comments is that the plant should be consumed directly instead of trying to extract essential oils. It can’t be said that feeding animals Oregano is useless. It is a separate challenge to find regular fresh Oregano every day. However, it’s known intensive dosing of an active substance has the expected effect. On the other hand, from 100kg Oregano, there can only be 500-700 grams of Oregano essential oils obtained.

The claim that essential oils are herbs used in ancient times and that they are not scientific:
It is true that essential oils have been used from very ancient times. However, most of the effects and mechanisms of action of the active ingredients in essential oils are scientifically proven. The use of essential oils is entirely based on scientific evidence.

What’s the difference between of Farmann Oregano Liquid and other products?
It’s regrettable to say that there is a lot of scam in the essential oils sector. Essential oils are fundamental oils in plants. The production is very difficult and the extraction ratio is very low. Not to be confused with plant extract (plant juice). This plant is sometimes called tincture, which isn’t the same as essential oil. Many of the Oregano oils which claim to be essential oils are only composed of synthetic aromas. It’s impossible to get the expected results from them. Farmann Oregano Liquid is produced only with natural essential oils of the Oregano which grows naturally in Izmir by the Aegean region.

Composition: Egenin Oregano; 8% Oregano essential oil

Usage and dosageOregano Liquid:
Broilers: 100-200 ml/1 ton of drinking water.

Layers & Turkeys: 100-250 ml/1 ton of drinking water.
Pigeons & Rabbits: 2,5-3ml / 1 lt of drinking water.
Dairy & Beef Cattle, Camels, Horses, Sheep: 200-250 ml/1 ton of drinking water.
Calves: 100-200 ml/1 ton of drinking water.
Swine(general dose): 150-250 ml/1 ton of drinking water.