Brand Farmann
Product group Horses
Problem Solver Phosphorus deficiency

Complementary liquid containing a high biological value phosphorus, minerals and amino acids.

Purpose of Use: The lack of phosphorus and other minerals causes the ingestion of non-edible materials, leading to muscle and bone growth retardation as well as decreasing of milk, meat and egg yield.

Benefits of use:

  • Higher impact advantages and easy oral use: It has the advantage of avoiding injection stress and side effects
  • Postnatal Cattle and Horses: Generally, Phosphorus deficiency occurs with calcium deficiency, which is the main cause of both birth palsy and postnatal problems. Phos-Form is an effective way of practically eliminating phosphorus deficiency.
  • New Born: Besides phosphorus which is required for proper bone and muscle structure and strengthening the immune system, it contains a balanced dose of minerals.
  • Phos-Form has a homogeneous distribution in water. It doesn’t leave sediment on the bottom and doesn’t cause oil and water phase separation.

Contents: Phosphorus: 6,71%, Potassium, Sodium, Methionine, Lysine, Iron, Mangan, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc and other nutritional values. Please refer to the label for the whole composition.
Phos-Form can be used by squeezing the required amount readable scale on the bottle. The following dosage should be used for a 10 day period.
Horse and Camels: 80-100 g/1-2 litres of water.

The above doses, in case of high phosphorus demand, can be doubled in amount and treatment duration under supervision and recommendation of a veterinarian.