Vitabolus Calcium
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Vitabolus Calcium
Brand Farmann
Product group Dairy Cattle
Problem Solver Milk Fever

A dietary bolus diet used to reduce the risk of milk fever (fever or puerperal hypocalcemia) in cows.


How important is calcium for cows?

Milk fever is observed in 5% to 10% of cows. Milk fever affects cows especially during the 3rd or 4th lactation. Subclinical hypocalcemia (calcium deficiency without clinical symptoms) affects 30% of cows. Subclinical hypocalcemia is not recognized by producers and causes various metabolic diseases and postpartum problems such as mastitis (inflammation of the udder), displacement of the abomasum.

Large amounts of calcium pass from blood to milk just before and after birth. This condition causes a loss of appetite and a decrease in body temperature and muscle cramps caused by milk fever (hypocalcemia).


What is Vitabolus Calcium?

  • It is a combination of three types of calcium sources with different release rates (fast and slow), vitamin D3, which facilitates the absorption of calcium, and the combination of cobalt and vitamin B3, which are effective in regulating blood glucose after birth and increase appetite.
  • This combination prevents birth paralysis and has an impact on the liver to increase rumen activity, which increases blood glycaemia at birth.


Why use Vitabolus Calcium?

  • Vitabolus Calcium with three types of calcium sources (total calcium content of 47 grams per bolus, a combination of calcium sources dissolving rapidly and slowly in the blood), magnesium to increase the absorption of vitamin D3 (50,000 UI) and a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to protect the liver and boost Rumen activity
  • Contributes to maintaining blood calcium levels in case of milk fever
  • It is protective in case of subclinical birth paralysis that causes no symptoms but leads to loss of productivity.
  • Quick and easy application of calcium and other protective vitamins and minerals
  • Provides a lean application (without waste)
  • Quick dissolving (within 2 hours) and passing through the blood
  • Increase glycaemia during birth
  • Increases rumen activity and liver protection
  • No effects on the rumen and mucous membranes


What is the effect of Vitabolus Calcium?

  • Vitabolus Calcium is released in two hours.
  • Provides long-term calcium to normalize the level of calcium in the blood.
  • Protects against paralysis at birth and reduces the risk of hypocalcemia. Prenatal and postnatal calcium supplementation is essential for cows.
  • It contributes to the increase of glycaemia during calving
  • It increases the activity of the rumen and contains liver protectors.


Vitabolus calcium content:

In each bolus: total amount of calcium absorbable quickly and slowly: 47 grams, magnesium, vitamin D3: 50,000 IU, vitamin B3, cobalt and other nutrients. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.


When to use Vitabolus Calcium?


1 bolus just before or just after giving birth.

1 bolus 12 hours later.

Accompaniment in case of hypocalcemia (paralysis at birth):

1 bolus 2 hours after veterinary treatment

1 bolus 12 hours later.

'' Stop use after giving birth ''

Calcium Bolus use:

Administer using a bolus applicator

Calcium boluses can be crushed and mixed with half a liter of water.



  • Use a bolus applicator
  • Keep out of children’s reach
  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • Do not administer to animals with reduced swallowing reflex.
  • Stop use after giving birth


Packaging: Box of 6 x 180 gr Boluses