Vitacube Peak 50
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Vitacube Peak 50
Brand Farmann
Product group Dairy Cattle
Problem Solver Energy, Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency, Infertility, Post partum Problems, Ketosis

High-energy licking bucket for cows and ewes for the 50 days after giving birth

Purpose of Use: 

  • The first 50 days after birth is highly critical for cows. On one side, it’s their highest milk yield period, on the other side, it is their recovery and preparation for the next pregnancy period. In connection with the high milk yield, their energy demand is extremely high. If this energy need is not met; ketosis, decrease in milk yield, mastitis (udder inflammation) and metritis (uterine inflammation) cases are inevitable. As a result, fertility issues will arise.
  • Vitacube PEAK 50 is a highly valuable mineral, vitamin and energy licking bucket which protects cows abomasal displacement and other metabolic problems.
  • Vitacube PEAK 50 compared to Vitacube has additionally high ratio bypass fat.
  • Compared to normal chemical hardened licking blocks, it contains 30 times more energy.

When to use Vitacube PEAK 50:

  • Highly recommended for the first 50 days after birth.
  • However, it can be used at any time of the year when energy needs are high (heat stress at summer time) and cannot be met.

Usage recommendations:

  • Allow one bucket for every 5 cows, 40 sheep so that each animal can easily access to the bucket.


  • Vitacube cannot be bitten, chewed because of its hardness, so it cannot be over-consumed.
  • However, the consumption may be slightly higher in the first 1-2 weeks (“gorging period''). After this period, the consumption is expected to decline to the normal recommended level. Otherwise, it is recommended to control rations' energy level.
  • Daily consumption: cattle and horses 150 gram/day/head and in sheep, goats, alpaca 25-30 gram/day/head.

Feeding instruction and warnings:

  • The consumption of this supplement may vary depending upon the condition of the animals (Lactation, pregnancy etc), quality and quantity of forages being fed, seasonal weather conditions and the housing type
  • The product should be used with caution for sensitive sheep, as it contains copper.

Composition: Sugar, Vegetable oil: 12,13%, Protein, Sodium, Magnesium: 1,15 % Calcium 3,45%, Phosphorus: 1,07%, Manganese: 120 mg/kg, Cobalt: 21,42 mg/kg, Zinc: 80 mg/kg, Copper: 789 mg/kg, Selenium: 16 mg/kg, Iodine: 68,5 mg/kg, and Vitamin A, D, E, Niacin, etc. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.

Production Technology and technical specifications:

Vitacube has a low moisture molasses and it only contains nutritional ingredients: It doesn’t contain any binders, sticky materials, fillers or hardeners. It has a hard and vitreous appearance: water, rain and wind resistant.

It has a hard and vitreous appearance: water, rain and wind resistant.

Storage: Store in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight in its original container.

Packaging: 22.5 kg, 25 kg and 80 kg