Vitacube Pigolate
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Vitacube Pigolate
Brand Farmann
Product group Pigs
Problem Solver

Molasses base Licking bucket for Pigs

Pigolate is a kind of complementary feed to give vitamin minerals and also reduce stress for pigs

Pigolate is a molasses lick block that is produced to support the natural rooting instinct in pigs. Pigolate; leading to a more relaxed and stress free pigs. Reduces Canibalism.

  •  Pigolate is a natural way to encourage reduce financial losses resulting from tail biting. Tail biting is a major animal welfare and an economic problem for the pig industry.
  • Pigolate is a taste licking bucket and tuck into Pigolate by pigs.
  • Consumption depending on stress factor and genetics. Consumption is around 5-10 gr/day/head piglet rearing and 10-20 gr/day/head sow and fattening.
  • Pigolate increase growth and rearing.
  • Pigolate is a rich mineral and vitamin formulation which gives to pig vitamin mineral for protecting health and supplying growth.

Composition: Sugar, Vegetable oil, Proteins, Sodium, Magnesium: 2 % Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese: 1.616,3 mg/kg, Cobalt: 21,42 mg/kg, Zinc: 500 mg/kg, Copper: 789,65 mg/kg, Selenium: 15,97 mg/kg, Iodine: 68,52 mg/kg, Vitamins, etc. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.