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Adequate working space and adequate area for ordered positioning equipment and materials to eliminate any risk of errors and to permit an effective cleaning and maintenance. In storage area, a separated space is dedicated for testing materials. 

The manufacturing area is not to be used for any other purpose and it is maintained clean and in an ordered manner, free from accumulated waste, dust, debris etc. We always draw up and observe a routine sanitation program.

All equipment used for manufacturing animal health and nutritional products are constructed, designed, installed and maintained in such a way that minimizes the contamination like physical, chemical or physico-chemical contamination.

All raw materials are 
1) Identified and their containers are examined for damage and assigned control number. (checking by during transportation damage)
2) Stored at optimum temperatures and relative humidity. 
3) after first control, systematically sampled by quality control personnel, these are checked for compliance with required standards of quality. 

All manufacturing operations of our factory are carried out under the supervision of competent technical staff. Checking All vessels, containers and mechanical manufacturing equipment according to manufacturing product which are conspicuously labeled with the name of the product and batch no. etc. We are not using continuous system we use batch system. 

We have quality control department which is supervised by approved expert staff. Our quality control laboratory checks and controls the quality and stability of raw materials as well as finished goods.

Our quality control laboratory has the following principal duties:
1) To prepare detailed instructions in writing for carrying out each test and analysis. 
2) To release or reject 
  a) each batch of raw materials
  b) Semi-finished products
  c) packaging and labeling materials and the final container in which drugs are to be packed.
d) each batch of finished products ready for distribution. 
3) To evaluate the adequacy of the conditions under which raw material, semi finished products and finished products are stored. 
4) To evaluate the quality and stability of finished goods and raw materials. 
5) To examine returned products as to whether such products should be released, reprocessed or gives to controlled Farms. 

We always determine and follow manufacturing international standards and We are under the control of Ministry of agriculture for required  health and technical conditions necessary (Good Manufacturing Practices). They have been taking samples occasionally and testing their laboratory also. 

Our department of quality control is talented analytical testing of incoming raw materials and inspection of packaging components, including labeling. They conduct in-process testing where required, perform environmental monitoring and inspect operations for compliance; finally, they conduct the required tests on the finished product. 

Our Quality Control is responsible as part of its testing and inspection functions, for monitoring the environmental conditions under which products are manufactured and/or held. 

The technical team is assisted installation of most modern and sophisticated instruments such as:
–    FTIR  SPECTROMETER (Mineral analyses)
–    REFRACTOMETER (Brix measurement)
–    Micro-Vickers (Hardness measurement of Blocks) 
–    Impact Resistance Test Equipment (for blocks)
–    Other standard Chemical laboratory equipment

The quality control department performs the following functions and tests to ensure that the high standards are met with:

Chemical Tests: 
Ash Value: 

Finished products are subjected to stringent quality control tests involving: