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Company Profile

Farmann GmbH was established in Hamburg, Germany by Veterinarians with 26 years of experience in animal nutrition and health. Farmann GmbH products have been manufactured adhering to European Union standards and thanks to the experience gained in different countries.

While increasing the efficiency of animals, Farmann GmbH is also offering solutions to increase animal welfare. We are offering a wide range of licking products which is the most suitable way to satisfy animals’ natural habit of licking while supplying the needed minerals and vitamins with a free access.

We have a very wide range of animal nutrition and health products such as:liquid and powder supplements, premixes, feed additives, capsules, pastes, blocks, boluses and functional complementary feeds.

We are also producing a wide range of biosafety products and teat dipping products.

Farmann GmbH has a scientific approach, a well-trained specialist staff and the latest technological equipment, we are adopting Know-How system, good manufacturing practices in compliance with all quality standards. The production is entirely elaborated by automatic micro-dosing systems, mixing and filling systems and latest technological equipment.


Farmann GmbH manages its production in accordance with the following points:

Our main aim is to protect animals from diseases, meet their needs and optimize their efficiency without harming their welfare.