Farmann Iobar
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Farmann Iobar
Brand Farmann
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Problem Solver Mastitis - Somatic cell height

Keep your cows’ 4 teats”

Mastitis is under control with 5000 ppm of active iodine.

Why should we use the post-milking disinfectant Farmann Iobar?

Teat orifice remains open up to 2 hours (average 30 minutes) after milking. During this time, bacteria can get in from the open teat orifice. First, they infect the milk then they harm the tissues that synthesize and excrete milk.
The udder tissue destruction caused by bacteria entered into udder is called Mastitis.

Farmann Iobar washes the residues of milk after milking and prevents from bacteria. It creates an antiseptic barrier on the top of the teat and prevents the bacterial entry into the udder.

Farmann Iobar benefits:

Farmann Iobar is a post milking disinfectant which kills funguses and bacteria that cause mastitis with 5% active iodine. 

  • It is enriched with glycerin and lanoline to prevent irritation and to protect the integrity of the teat.
  • When it is used, it dries on teat and creates a barrier.
  • Minimum drip and non-waste product.
  • Farmann Iobar is a ready to use solution. No need to mix it with water and it can be applied using a teat dip container.

How to use Farmann Iobar?
Dip the teats into Farmann Iobar’s special pot just after every milking. Very wet teats must be dried before use. Farmann Iobar is ready to use solution, no needs to dilute. Before use just shake the container.

Storage: Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and in its original. Do not freeze the product.


Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.