Dezol 151
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Dezol 151
Brand Farmann
Product group
Problem Solver

Powerful disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting shelters walls, ground and all open areas. It is especially used as a dipping liquid in the last rinse with water in the milking parlors.

It is also used to clean the milking clusters just before moving to the next animal. Use safely to disinfect all kind of milking parlor equipment, in the footbath and wheels bath.

Components and Technical Details:

It includes Peracetic Acid < 5% (+/- 2) Hydrogen Peroxide < 25% (+/-2)

surfactant agents (Surfactants).

  • Transparent colored solution with pungent smell of vinegar.

Important considerations before use:

  • Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Clean the rough dirt before use. Don’t use it on unknown surfaces.

Usage and Dosage: Dezol 151 is a concentrated product and diluting is recommended before use.

  • Prewashing; must be diluted by 1/200 and for each m2 surface put about 0,4 liters.
  • Disinfection of milking clusters; must be diluted by 1/100.
  • Ground, equipment, hoof and Wheel pools; must be diluted by 1/100.
  • To the final rinse with water; must be diluted by 1/200.
  • Disinfection of water; must be diluted by 1/500.

If water is hard, increasing the rate is recommended.

Storage, transport and security: Don’t mix Dezol 151 with incompatible substances (acid based products for example). Keep only in the original container. Keep it in the original container. Keep the container closed and in a clean, cool, and well ventilated place away from heat, flammable materials and intense light. Avoid residues of the product on the containers. Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Undiluted form is harmful for skin and eyes, use protective glass and mask.

Packaging: 5, 20, 220, 1000 liters.

Shelf Life: 1 year from date of production.