Farmasol Calf Liquid
Brand Farmann
Product group Calves
Problem Solver weak growth

Formulated for Calves, a highly concentrated in vitamins and minerals, quick-absorbing and sweetened supplement.


Purpose of use:

Used for growing, developing and protecting the health of calves. Contains high levels of selenium, cobalt and 25 kinds of vitamins & minerals which support the development of bone and muscle. Prevents muscle whitening caused by selenium deficiency. Flavored with molasses for the appetite attraction of calves.

Contents (per KG)
Vitamin A: 6.600.000 IU Vitamin D3: 600.000 IU, Vitamin E: 30.000 mg. Vitamin C; 6.200 mg, B group Vitamins, Folic acid, Niacin, Vitamin K, other vitamins, minerals; Iron: 2.000 mg, Selenium 800 mg / kg, Cobalt 1.300 mg / kg, Zinc, Manganese, Calcium, Macro minerals such as phosphorus, amino acids and more. Please check the product label for the complete contents.


Can be mixed with feed and drinking water. To calves older than 3 weeks it can be applied orally.

30-50 kg live weight, per calf: 10 ml

80-100 kg live weight, per calf: 20 ml

150-200 kg live weight, per calf: 40 ml

Warnings and precautions: Shake thoroughly before use.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry, light-free environment.