Oral E+Se
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Oral E+Se
Brand Farmann
Product group
Problem Solver Vitamin ADE, Selenium deficiency weak growth

Besides vitamin E and Selenium, it also contains A and D vitamins which are effective in growth and development.

Purpose of Use:
Recent researches prove that the application of minerals and vitamins to animals orally is more effective than intravenous injections. The same for selenium since it circulates in the body by binding proteins. Intravenous application would cause abscesses. We can observe these kind of abscesses on the underarms of animals. Deficiency of the mutual strengthening selenium and vitamin E; In young livestock such as lambs, goats, foals and calves causes white muscle disease, which is accompanied by muscle fading and whitening, affecting growth and development negatively. Furthermore, animals with weak immune system are more vulnerable to other diseases. For adult animals such as sheep, goats and cows, selenium and vitamin E deficiency affect their health negatively and the incidence of mastitis and metritis becomes more frequent. Oral E+Se contains Vitamin E & Selenium and additional Vitamins A &D (formulated in a balanced way).

Composition: Sodium Selenite 410 mg, Vitamin E: 210.000 mg, A, D3 vitamins and others. Please refer to the label for the whole composition.


  • Easy oral application: Much easier application, less stress and much safer for animals. No risk of injection nor abscesses.
  • Lambs, Kids, Calves: Vitamin E and Selenium, which are necessary for muscular development, healthy muscle structure and resistance to diseases, as well as vitamins A and D, which are essential for growth and development (formulated in a balanced way).
  • Adult animals such as sheep, goats, cows: vitamin E and Selenium as well as vitamin A and D are effective for the growth and the development of the mature animals also. It prevents sheeps abortion caused by the selenium. Must be given to lambs during tupping and starting from the 3rd month of pregnancy.

Usage and dosage:

Turn the bottle upside down, insert the special tool orally and use the pistol (each pistol spray is 1 ml).

Lambs & Kids (up to 15 days old): 1ml

Lambs & Kids (up to 30 days old): 1-2 ml

Calves: 1-2 ml. Large calves: 3 ml

Pregnant lambs (after 3rd month of pregnancy): 2-3 ml

Pregnant dairy cows (after 5th month of pregnancy): 6-8-10 ml

Horses: 6-8 ml

Caution and Warning:
For animal use only. Shake the bottle well before use. Pivot bottle upside down, use the pistol few times before application to make sure the content is being sprayed out. Do not administrate to animals without swallowing reflex.