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Brand Farmann
Product group Dairy Cattle, Sheep, lambs and goats
Problem Solver Post partum Problems Phosphorus deficiency

Purpose of use: As the phosphorus is an important mineral in the protection of mineral balance of the body, deficiency causes many illnesses such as bedridden disease, decreased appetite and non-edible materials ingestion. Phosphoruscontains calcium and phosphorus in a balanced ratio.

Usage and Dosage: Shake product well before use. Using the original container, via the wallowing reflex, apply product by drench.


  1. 4-5 hours after birth and/or with calcium treatment with 12 hour intervals 3-4 times
  2. Many of the birth paralytic cases become bedridden syndromes. For this reason, with hypocalcemia treatment or normal appetite loss, or in cases of foreign items consumption and licking, it’s advised to apply 1 bottle in the morning and 1 in the evening for 5-6 days.
  3. In order to eliminate fertility problems, 2 bottles are given in the morning and evening 2-3 weeks before seeding.

For sheep and goats, the above doses are 30-50 ml.

Composition: Calcium: 11.0%, Phosphorus 9.0% and others. For more information, please refer to the label.

Benefits:Effective in eliminating the need for phosphorus in cows and sheep. In addition to calcium treatment, phosphorus can be used. Bedridden disease, loss of appetite, tendency to ingest non-edible materials can be eliminated with phosphorus supplement.

Caution and Warning:
Only for animal use.
Use the product in the original container and shake it well before use.
Prolonged usage and/or high doses can cause rumen acidosis.
Don’t give the product to animals with no swallowing reflex.

Packaging: 500 ml, 5 l, 20 l

Storage: Keep at room temperature. Do not freeze the product.