Vitabolus Fertilator
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Vitabolus Fertilator
Brand Farmann
Product group Dairy Cattle
Problem Solver Infertility

Fertility promoter Bolus for cows.

The aim of modern farming is to get a calf every year.

Unfortunately, producers face few issues which affect this target such as problems during insemination, feeding, living condition of animals and diseases in animal’s genital organs.

Fertilator Bolus:

Fertilator Bolus is formulated for animals that have fertility problems due to vitamins and minerals deficiencies.

Effects of these vitamins and minerals on fertility are:

  • Faster recovery uterus involution of cows after calving.
  • Makes the fertility on time and more effecient.
  • Increases pregnancy rate with first insemination
  • Help to balance hormones
  • Protects against vaginal and ovarian problems
  • Promotes production of ovules
  • Optimize a quick placenta delivery after calving

Composition (mg,IU/kg): zinc:2.000, Manganese: 2.000, Copper: 350 mg Vitamin E:2.000, vitamin A:1.500.000, Vitamin D3, Niacin, Selenium, Iodine and other nutritional elements. Please refer to the product label for the whole composition.

Dosage and Administration

Prevention: 1 month after calving administer 2 fertilator boluses together with applicator.

Repeat breeder cows: administer 2 boluses every 20 days, 4 times in total with applicator .


  • Administer the boluses by a bolus applicator
  • Keep out of children’s reach
  • Can be administered by crushing and mixing with half liter of drinking water
  • Store in a cool and dry place. 
  • Reseal partly used packs.

Dietetic complementary mineral feed.