Vitabolus Antiacilax
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Vitabolus Antiacilax
Brand Farmann
Product group Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle
Problem Solver Rumen acidosis

Antacid and Mild Laxative cattle Bolus

Rumen acid stability:

In a health ruminant’s rumen PH remains between 6,2 to 6,8.

In Rumen acidosis, pH drops, so that the micro-flora and thus adversely affects digestion

Antacid, mild laxative, and buffering effect:

Magnesium oxide; In addition to being strong antacids does not cause tympani in rumen. It can be absorbed from intestine due o the suppression of acidity in the blood helps. With laxative effects provide rumen and intestine system.

Sodium bicarbonate: is a good acid buffering substance. Its regulate rumen acid levels.

Calcium propionate; maintain blood calcium level that ensures the balance of acidity of rumen.

Instructions for use:

Preventative: 1-2. boluses

After acidosis treatment and constipation: 2-4 boluses, 24 hours later 2-4 boluses.


—Please use bolus gun when you administer

—Antiacilax bolus can be crushed and mixed with half a liter of water.

—Keep out of reach of children.

—Store in a cool, dry place. 

—Reseal part used packs.